Finding Your Scholarly Identity

What is scholarly identity? What are the factors you need to keep in mind that may shape your scholarly identity?

Kelley PhD Program Structure

A short video offering a broad overview of the structure of the PhD program at the Kelley School, with a focus on majoring in Strategic Management and Organization Theory.

EMLYON Interview

EMLYON Interview where I shared some thoughts regarding research on optimal distinctiveness, social enterprises, and entrepreneurship, and some advices for early stage scholars.

Talk on Optimal Distinctiveness

This is a talk I gave in Chinese on optimal distinctiveness theory

Taking Tradeoffs Seriously

This is a talk I gave on Wry & Zhao (2018) Org. Sci. "Taking Tradeoffs Seriously"

Not All Inequality is Equal

This is an animated video on Zhao & Wry (2016) AMJ "Not All Inequality is Equal"

Funding Financial Inclusion

This is an animated video on Cobb, Wry & Zhao (2016) AMJ "Funding Financial Inclusion"