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Our Team

The Zhao Lab is a team of dedicated researchers and students committed to advancing knowledge on contemporary topics in strategy, organization theory, and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to develop actionable recommendations for practitioners seeking to solve important business and social challenges. By conducting rigorous research and disseminating our findings, we aim to contribute to the development of innovative solutions that can create positive impacts on society.

Work With Us


  • PhD Student under my Supervision

If you are a prospective PhD student interested in working with me, please apply to the DPhil in Management program at the Saïd Business School, and signal your interest in working with me on your application. 

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow

From time to time, I may also have opportunities to recruit post-doctoral fellows to join my team. Please check the Job Vacancies website for openings. 

  • Research Assistant

For pre-doctoral candidates interested in joining my team, you can participate in my project as a research assistant. In this case, please read the note "What I Look For" below. If you believe you have sufficient skills and dedication, please email me at for further discussions.


Before you reach out and express your interest, please visit my Research page and read some of my published papers to get an idea my research interest and topics.


My research involves both conceptual and qualitative work, but the majority of my projects require proficiency in data processing and analysis. Therefore, I work best with graduate and undergraduate students who are skilled in tools such as Python, R, and/or Stata, as well as econometric techniques, including exposure to quasi-experimental research designs.

If you're interested in working with me, please send an email with the subject line "RA Opportunities" and a brief introduction or your CV. Please describe your proficiency with the tools mentioned above and provide an example of the most complex data analysis or programming project you've undertaken so far. If I believe you have the necessary skills, I'll follow up with additional questions or clarifications, and we'll likely schedule a time to video chat or meet in person.

Please note that a certain level of commitment is required for us to have a mutually beneficial experience. Before reaching out, please ensure that you have the time and capacity to work on my team.

I welcome students from all backgrounds, including those belonging to a racial minority group or a developing country, as long as they have the skills and interest to help. Over the years, I've coached many RAs who have gone on to prestigious graduate programs or found work in industry. I look forward to hearing from you!

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